“[Alpentile] will knock your project out of the park…”

Perimeter Overflow Pool / SpaAlpentile, AKA Luke and Amy Denny, are THE premier tile artisans in the greater Phoenix area.

“I love meeting and working with true craftsman that are so proud of their work, not only from an artistic level, but at the technical level as well. Not only do Luke and Amy excel in their pursuit of esthetic refinement, but they dig deep and get to the core of understanding the technical requirements of how to do their work at the highest level possible, so that it lasts. This is the part that most skip over in a rush to hurry up and get to the “good stuff.”

If the purpose of the “cake” is to hold up the “icing,” well then don’t skimp now that you have arrived.

Luke and Amy are a delight to work with and they will knock your project out of the park.”

-Kirk Bianchi – as posted on Houzz, Oct.26, 2012

Bianchi Design Website

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