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OK, this post isn’t about tile…for once! : )  Some of you know I’m taking Barre classes.  I sent in a little testimonial last month after traveling to Thailand, and I’m thrilled to be the client spotlight in the April Newsletter of GO FIGURE in Scottsdale!  

Check Out the GO FIGURE Newsletter Below, and if you are in Scottsdale/Phoenix and looking for an amazing workout, come join the fun!  

April Newsletter 2014
Spring has arrived! We are happy to see so many of you signed up for the Spring Shape Up Challenge! If you haven’t signed up yet and would like to be apart of it, please feel free to get your name down! The number of classes you attend during this period = the percentage discount off your next package! Let’s get tucking!
Traveling for the summer? No problem we’ve got you covered with some tips on how to Sculpt Thinner Thighs! Check out our link below for exercises you can do to trim and tone your legs.

SCULPT Thinner Thighs! 
Here are 6 ways:
1 – Forward Leg Lift
2 – Reverse Leg Lift
3 – Ballet First Position
4 – Ballet Second Position
5 – Hamstring Press
6 – Runner’s Lunge
*Perfect your technique at
 Go Figure Scottsdale!*Reserve your class now

Client Spotlight

Amy is a traveler and wanted to plan an island hopping adventure in Thailand! Unfortunately, she had broken her right foot and then had surgery on her left – putting her exciting trip on hold.  When trying to get back on her feet and into shape she tried hiking – her go-to exercise – which was too much on her feet, then a gym which was too impersonal for her.  Then she attended a Go Figure Barre class:
“The first thing I noticed was friendliness.  The second thing I noticed was the rockin’ long & lean bodies all over the place.  I thought, ‘If this is the result of barre, I’m IN.’  The workout was unlike any other.  I found myself out of breath while standing still. 
I retured every day for 21 days.  Kelly showed me how to protect my feet while maintaining a strong workout with good form.  The three-week transformation was very real.  All of my muscles were stronger, including the muscles in both feet and ankles.  Walking felt good.  My energy was up, stamina improved, flexibility enhanced.  And a cool bonus, I had lost a solid 6 pounds.  As far as I was concerned, the beaches of Thailand were ready for me.”
In This Issue
SCULPT Thinner Thighs
Client Spotlight

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April Raffle
Thanks Shannon Macdonald
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