Lap Pool + Mirror Noir

This swimming pool appears to levitate just inches above the ground….

Perimeter Overflow Pool

The key to this design is a look of effortless simplicity, yet the construction and finish work on this reflective vessel were no easy task.  Perimeter overflow designs need a high level of expertise to ensure the engineering includes all the hidden components that truly make the pool function correctly.

Our tile design calls for metallic glass mosaics on the top and exterior walls of the vessel, as well as the three steps entering the pool.  We chose pewter glass mosaics from Oceanside Glasstile because in certain lighting, the tile disappears into the background.  But from other angles, a reflective flash will shine through the mirrored surface of the pool.  Black interior pebble finish will create the crystal clear mirror reflection of this pool.

Perimeter overflow process 1

It’s important to know that glass mosaics should not be installed directly on a raw shotcrete shell.  Surface defects, dimensional irregularities, and the non-water tight properties inherent to shotcrete are problematic for glass.  The systems for proper installations vary and we have tested them all, pairing the best methods with the highest quality components to create what we believe is a perfect marriage of modern technology and time-honored installation arts.

Our proprietary process begins with cleaning, waterproofing, and then we spend considerable time planning.  Here, Luke is preparing the knife-edge with mortar.  During this time, he establishes the finished elevation of the pool, determines the pitch of the knife, and accounts for full tile layout.

luke in actionSeahawks Morning
After his float work is fully cured, he adds appropriate anti-fracture provisions and a white skim coat of thinset for protection. We are halfway through our projected timeline, and the substrate is now ready to receive tile.

perimeter overflow process 2

The aesthetic of this pool calls for precision planning in our installation.  To create the cleanest outside corner on the perimeter overflow, 2,860 mosaic tiles are hand-mitered at 40 degrees, then remounted on paper sheets for installation.

Cutting on a wet saw minimizes heat stress when processing the glass.

perimeter overflow process 3

Mosaics mitered and re-sheeted, ready to go.

perimeter overflow process 4

Luke begins installing, carefully checking that the entire perimeter is level.

perimeter overflow process 5

perimeter overflow process 7

Amy pre-cuts tiles that will wrap the corners before mounting them on paper.

perimeter overflow process 6

perimeter overflow process 8

The final touch on this design is hand-installing 1,750 mosaic quarter rounds on this inside corner.  Because of their smooth contour, these little trim pieces guarantee no scuffs or scratches when swimmers slide in and out of the pool.

perimeter overflow process 9


perimeter overflow

Pool Design/Build:  Lorraine Brown, Superior Pool Builders.  Phoenix, AZ   602-395-0700

Tile Design/Installation:  Luke and Amy Denny, Alpentile 602-541-3065

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