“…Renaissance artisans in a class of their own.”


“Luke and Amy are Renaissance artisans in a class of their own.

Not only is their craftsmanship top notch, they’re stellar people.”

“When I picked up my exotic Italian glass tiles at the tile store, I asked whom they’d recommend to do a high-end glass tile installation. The answer my glass tile rep gave was immediate: ‘There’s only one company in the entire state, and that’s Alpentile. They’re hands down the best.’ he said.

And hands-down the best they are! Even though we only had a relatively small job, Luke and Amy went the extra mile. They took meticulous measurements and spaced out the glass tiles so that no cuts had to me made which looks just absolutely flawless. In spite of our walls not being exactly perpendicular, through their careful prepping and countless manual tweaks and adjustments of individual mosaic tiles, Amy and Luke created a masterpiece out of our vanity. We’re proudly featuring our master bathroom now to everyone who comes to visit.”


—Sabine Messner & Leslie Finkel

Phoenix, Arizona

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